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Prof. Dr. Teun Dekker

Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University College Maastricht

Vortrag (in englischer Sprache)
Liberal Arts Education: systemic opportunities and educational possibilities – Lessons from the Netherlands
Track DLL / November Expert Days – Liberal Arts: Praxisbeispiele von europäischen Hochschulen
Freitag, 24. November 2017, Session 10:30 – 12:10

"Liberal Arts unter den Bedingungen der Digitalisierung an der Hochschule"
mit: Prof. Dr. Andreas Vaterlaus, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Freitag, Dr. Ursula Glunk, Prof. Dr. Klemens Störtkuhl, Prof. Dr. Silke Segler-Meßner, Prof. Dr. Dieter Lenzen
Track DLL / November Expert Days – Studium Generale: Praxisbeispiele von der Universität Hamburg
Freitag, 24. November 2017, 13:10 – 14:50

Informationen zur Person

Teun J. Dekker is Vice-Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences Education at University College Maastricht. He did his BA at University College Utrecht, the first liberal arts college in the Netherlands, and has been a staunch advocate of liberal arts education ever since. He completed his graduate studies in political philosophy at Oxford University, focussing on desert-based theories of distributive justice, and continued this research at Yale University. As part of a research project inquiring into the morally correct remuneration of high public officials, he was Karl M. Loewenstein Fellow of Political Science and Jurisprudence at Amherst College. At University College Maastricht, he teaches courses in political philosophy, and writes about the educational philosophy behind liberal arts and sciences education.